What is a Hotel General Manager

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Working in Hospitality Industry

I worked a big part of my life as a Hotel General Manager. When I am asked to explain what the job includes, I had to think first how to explain the profession to somebody, who really wants to know what is needed to be a “Hotel General Manager”. There are of course many explanations […]


Ways to stay happy, even it does not feel like it

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Smiley Face

Are you happy? — Of course we are. This is the standard answer we normally give to everybody, isn’t it? It also is the preferred state we love to be in. Still, for most people it is not that easy, including me. “Happiness” is a perception we create in our mind and has a lot […]


Why I do Yoga

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For me, Yoga is the best exercise to take up. That’s what I said in one of my earlier blog, “Start to live a healthy life”. It makes you feel better by improving your stamina and mood and keeps you healthy and strong without exposing you to injuries.   Age After passing the 50’ mark and […]


Hotel Tales from my Younger Days

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Hotel stories from my younger years

As hoteliers, we learned to be discrete and not expose our customers as we do not bite the hand that feeds us. However, with time passing and not mentioning any names, some stories can be recorded now. Most of them are funny and nobody will be harmed. I will try to add more as they […]